Dead Kooks x Salty Cross Colab Shorts January 31 2015

I am super stoked to have teamed up with my good buddy Eden from Dead Kooks to make another great limited edition trunk for your enjoyment. This year we've busted out a boardshort / walkshort combo. They have an elastic waste for ultimate comfort. Cotton lined mesh pockets for drainage when swimming or surfing but comfort when landlocked.

A Day in the life... October 01 2013

Salty's Short Supply from Kaius Potter on Vimeo.

Jacks Back September 24 2013

Stoked to hear Jack Johnson returning with a new album From Here to Now to You. Doubly stoked to see him wearing my Captain Tee in the video for his first single, "I got you." Click on the image to watch.

Coachella Playground siting May 25 2013

Great to see Ben Howard rocking his Playground Boardies at Coachella recently.

Saltys Sold Here April 06 2013

Here hand painted sign display ready for delivery to its new home at Drifter in Bali. This was the product of a couple of arts & crafts arvos at my favourite house/ art studio in Bali, the home of the super talented and hospitable Andrew Wellman. Rum cocktails, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and the sweet smell of mozzie repellent & paint thinners.

Mumfords October 27 2012


   I recently took a road trip down to Dungog, a small country town north west of Newcastle for the Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the  Road stopover. It was an awesome week end of foot stomping music, beer drinking, fine food and creek swimming... And I got to catch up with my old buddy Marcus Mumford and unload some new gear on him... He was very excited about the bottle openers...

What a funny old fella is Humphrey... October 10 2012


 This is where it all began....

These were the first shorts that I ever made. They were a sample produced for Sea Apparel some 9 years ago. I don't wear them to often. I keep them in the back of the drawers for special occasions. They are still my all time favs. As you can see, my style hasn't changed too much.